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PROJECT - REPORT On FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE At S.A.TEXTILES PVT LTD Submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Submitted by External Guide MBA (2011-12) (FINANCE MANAGER) COLLEGE NAME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The satisfaction and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any task would be, but incomplete without mentioning the people who made it possible, whose constant guidance encouraging crowned my effort with success. I would like to begin with a special note of gratitude and heartfelt thanks…show more content…
Presently India is second largest cotton producer in the world next to US and about to overtake the US as the number ONE in the next couple of years. It is the result of various factors. Primarily because of rising cultivations of BT. cotton (Bacillus thuringnsis) and reduce the farmers input costs, while the yield as well as quality are substantially much larger compared to traditional varieties. In view of this development, the cotton cultivation acreage has been steadily going up in India. The farmers have become more knowledgeable to follow scientific methods to cultivate high yielding long staple cotton varieties. Besides individual mills are also simultaneously taking steps to improve the cotton production along with Technology Mission on cotton (TCM), the cotton development research Associations of organizations (CITI), South Indian Textiles Mills Association (SIMA) and Kerala State Textile Corporation (KSTC). The resultant factor is quality and quantity of raw material supply has substantially improved in the country. Due to globalization of our economy, the conscious of quality inputs and pricing have become competitive to the international standards and prices. Supply of quality raw material availability sources of raw material from major cotton exporting countries. Every organization is a deliberate and planned Endeavour of people whose common goal can be
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