Rational Decision For Making Rational Decisions

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The ability for one to make rational decisions is vital, and this is especially true for decisions that can have enormous consequences. The process for making rational decisions is tedious, it requires one to have the opportunity to deeply process, evaluate, and re-evaluate available options. This suggests that rational decisions must be made in the absence of external parties because external influences are capable of preventing individuals from processing information for themselves. Otherwise, this would likely result in the individual coming to rash conclusions that cater to the external parties. Unfortunately, under most circumstances, it is a challenge to make rational decisions, because as social animals, we constantly expose…show more content…
In this essay, I will demonstrate that social factors such as media propaganda and conformity, as well as personal factors which include schemas and aggression management, are the main forces that had driven me into being irrational while I was filling out the survey. Social factors like media propaganda and conformity have prevented me from answering the survey questions rationally. In the aftermath of the tragic event in France on November 13th, there was extensive media coverage on the incident, and the likelihood for future terrorist attack became the hottest topic amongst my family and friends. The media often portrays itself as an objectively neutral source of information, and by doing so they are able to persuade their viewers more effectively. Furthermore, the effectiveness of media propaganda drastically increases if emotional appeals are incorporated in the messages. This can be observed in a study which shows that smokers who got frightened when watching a film on the dangers of smoking, were more likely to quit smoking, and in this case, the media is making use of my fear (Leventhal 1970). Different forms of media, e.g. news on television, newspaper, online news articles, and talk shows, all painted the Syrian refugees as potential threats to our safety. For example, in one article, a journalist discusses the potential danger we would be in if terrorists were to pose as Syrian refugees and
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