Rational Decision For Making Rational Decisions

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The ability for one to make rational decisions is vital, and this is especially true for decisions that can have enormous consequences. The process for making rational decisions is tedious, it requires one to have the opportunity to deeply process, evaluate, and re-evaluate available options. This suggests that rational decisions must be made in the absence of external parties because external influences are capable of preventing individuals from processing information for themselves. Otherwise, this would likely result in the individual coming to rash conclusions that cater to the external parties. Unfortunately, under most circumstances, it is a challenge to make rational decisions, because as social animals, we constantly expose ourselves to external social influences. Moreover, the process of deeply processing thoughts is cognitively taxing, and as ‘cognitive misers’, we have a natural tendency to look for alternatives that allow us to conserve our cognitive energy (page 119 number 8). Thus, more often than not, we tend to come to conclusions before we even have the chance to carefully evaluate our thoughts. In this paper, I will be discussing one of the many instances where I made an irrational decision. Shortly after the terrorist attack that took place on November 13th in Paris, an internet survey circulated on the internet, and it had questions related to the tragic event. While filling out the survey, without hesitation, I checked no when it asked if I approve of…
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