Rational Decision Making Model Of An Intuitive Model

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I would use rational decision-making model to assist Catherine in her decision-making. First of all, because a rational decision model provides structure and discipline to the decision making process. In contrast an intuitive model is basically making decisions based on feelings. Catherine cannot afford to make a decision just based on feeling because at this stage in her life, she wants to make a decision that is going to be logical and based on facts. Therefore, Catherine will have full and perfect information on which to base a choice. Additionally, it helps ensure that we consider the full range of factors relating to a decision, in a logical and comprehensive manner. Furthermore, I decided on the rational decision model because it provides steps to follow to effectively help the client make a logical decision, I would first identify her problem or problems. Which in her case it would be deciding whether to pursue a master’s degree or switch occupations. Secondly, I would gather useful and relevant information to make her decision making process easier. After, I would analyze her current situation. For example, Catherine is a mother who is married and family is something she values greatly. As a result, of these three steps I would then develop options, in terms of Catherine it would be career options that she might find interesting and that suit her values and interests. Equally important, Catherine and I would sit down and evaluate what career options she would…
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