Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy : Theory, Techniques And Applications Used During Group Therapy

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Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy The Theory, Techniques And Applications used During Group Therapy Donna Garrison Group Dynamics and Counseling (CP 6610) Troy University The following paper will attempt to describe Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), its theory, techniques and applications during group. REBT is a method of therapy developed by Albert Ellis in the 1950’s. Ellis developed his theory and therapy in reaction to what he saw as the inadequate techniques of psychoanalysis and behaviorism. He thought that by ignoring the role thinking played in emotional disturbance, that both psychoanalytic and behavior theory failed to explain how individuals originally became disturbed and how they remained…show more content…
While stresses can be invented on our own, feelings of anxiety, depression, hurt, shame, rage, and guilt are largely initiated and maintained by a belief system based on irrational ideas that were uncritically embraced, usually during early childhood. We also take on dysfunctional beliefs from others (Ellis, 2015). Group work is often used to assist individuals with “emotional disturbance”. Emotional disturbance manifests itself in the form of depression, anxiety, hurt, shame, guilt and rage. Groups are formed to address such issues as anger management, depression and anxiety. Group leaders of an REBT group will begin by teaching group members the A-B-C theory. The A-B-C theory says that when we have an emotional reaction at point C (Consequence), after an Activating event at point A, it is not the event (A) that causes the emotional state (C), though it may contribute to it. It is the belief system (B), or the beliefs that we have about the event, that mainly creates C (Cory, 2012). Once group members understand how their irrational beliefs are contributing to their emotional and behavioral disturbances, they are ready for cognitive restruction that teaches people how to make themselves less disturbed by showing them how to actively and forcefully dispute these irrational beliefs. This is the process of disputing their

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