Rational Expectation Theory and Ideological Factor of National Security

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The main purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the theory of rational expectations . I want to first define the basic assumptions of the rational expectations approach , then I provide several examples of their use. I have chosen my examples to illustrate how it has been applied to large-scale method of rational expectations . In a paper I also discuss some ideas for what became the rational expectations approach is more prevalent in many disciplines in recent years. One idea is that the theory of rational expectations tends to provide opportunities for confirmation of a novel approach. I would argue that these opportunities are mainly a result of the nature of this mathematical approach. The warning is that my discussion of the theory of rational expectations in this paper is necessarily simplistic , so the reader should not take it as final . If some elements of the theory seems suspect in some way, and there will almost always an advanced version of the theory, published in a place that is more subtle and precise. Most of the data in this paper are subject to the rehabilitation of many along the lines , so the reader must display the oldest here , taking into account the objective of the paper , which is only to give the reader an idea of the flavor of the overall approach of rational expectations . Rational expectations theories attempting to explain human behavior as resulting from the rational expectations , especially in an economic context . They
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