Rational Model Of Decision Making

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What do you consider the most important points (or lessons) that were introduced in the text and class discussion? Were these new topics or did they reinforce what you had previously learned? What have been your personal experiences and/or how would you apply these to your workplace? Tools for decision making is interesting topic to me. I used probability theory some time using actual values. Often everyone use the probability concept based on the previous experience and knowledge. This the first time came across decision making software. I searched internet about decision making software. Those program leads the user through the steps of the formal decision making process. These days I am looking for Laboratory Management Software for my work place. I will use brainstorming concept in this chapter to select good program. I will use rational model of making step to direct my team during brainstorming session. Identify the problem > identify the alternative solution > gather facts > evaluate alternative > chose and implement the best alternative > feedback and corrective action. The rational model of decision making use every day in my life. Not only has the work placed in the home too. The “Recency syndrome” (tendency to remember more easily those events that have occurred recently) is very true concept. I experience lot in my workplace. Every year I conduct good manufacturing training and food defense training to the employees. I hope it help people to remember the
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