Rational Organization : An Instrument For Reaching Specific Goals

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Penelope Magouliotis
Professor: Paul- Brian McInerney
Sociology/Management 447
September 28, 2014

Rational organization is the idea that an organization is an instrument for reaching specific goals. A rational organization uses a formal structure to clarify the rules, guidelines and directions for each member’s role that’s in the organization. In an organization, such as a business, roles and goals should be clear; the process of management should be rational, and predictable. For a business proprietor a rational organization is run with goals that are straightforward. In an organization, for example a business, the owner should not perform through emotions, but by using logic and using the quality or state of being sensible that are
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He studied how work was done and the results of workers output. According to Taylor management was the brain of the operation and he wanted to change ordinary management into scientific management. Taylor believed that making people work hard was not efficient enough but the importance was adjusting the way the work was done. Taylor recommended that by optimizing and simplifying jobs, productivity would increase. He believed that managers had to learn how to cooperate with one another something that wasn’t common for that time. Then, managers had no contact with their workers as workers were left on their own to produce the specific product. There were no regulations or rules other than nonstop work; workers were not motivated and thus did not know how to work quickly and efficiently. While enhancing his career at a U.S steel manufacturer, Taylor designed workplace experiments in order to determine ideal performance levels. In one experiment, Taylor is hired as a management consultant to improve steel operations. He studied the simplest part of the process so he can prove that he can make it efficient. With this study, he promoted the idea of “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work”. What this means is that if a worker didn’t complete enough work in a day, he didn’t deserve to be paid as much as another worker who
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