Rationale And Preliminary Speech : Justification And Presentation Speech

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Criterion A: Rationale and Preliminary Speech

As a child, I was born and raised in a Buddhist family. My dad and grandparents were very religious and would often attend the local temple down the street on Saturdays in order to meditate. As a Buddhist myself, I too attended temple on Saturdays with my family. Being a child, I had no idea what religion was and what was going on inside the temple. I do remember hearing voices, voices of a crowd of Buddhist praying at the same time in a low tone of voice. To be honest, I was scared when I first walked in. I had no idea what all the statues meant, and I didn 't understand why there was such a strong smell of incense. I was never informed of why my family went to the temple, and why there were statues and the smell of incense permeating throughout. As I grew older, the gap between Buddhism and I grew bigger, and after my parents got divorced, my mom, a follower of Catholicism, decided to convert me to the Catholic faith. Looking back, I realize that I never was able to fully grasp an understanding of how the religion Buddhism really worked. More specifically, what is the source of its moral beliefs? I’ve decided to research and learn more about Buddhism and the source of its moral teachings because I believe it is time to fully understand a religion that I once practiced growing up.

Growing up, I attended a Catholic school, and that was when religion became a part of my own life. Although I understood my religion, I still…
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