Rationale Emotive Therapy Looks At The Causes Of Dysfunction

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Rationale Emotive Therapy looks at the causes of dysfunction and maladaptive behavior. Incorporating Ellis’s ABC model along with the Bowen Theory’s eight components can enhance the clients counseling session. I also believe that combining these two theories helps to bring balance of the cognitive and emotional components during the session. Specific Populations and Techniques Populations that are best suited for the Bowen Theory are families, adults who were abused as children, parent child issues, couple conflict, and family disorders. Individual issues such as drug abuse, anxiety, and depression. Primary Intervention Program in the San Diego Community Recidivism rates in California are decreasing. As of 2015, the San Diego County’s…show more content…
The four characteristics of the program that would contribute to the effectiveness are (1) a family systems based group or individual therapy would be required (2) the program would also include a basic reading, writing, job skills training and interviewing workshops (3) a program commitment to help the individuals with job placement in (4) the participants would have to commit to a minimum of nine months in the program. The program would be a collaborative approach in offering and referring services to the Department of Health, Social Services, Community Outreach programs, Housing, and Public Transportation services. Through my various internships and volunteering for the past five years, I have made many contacts in counseling and community services. This is a situation where I would begin to utilize a few of those contacts. The goal of the program is twofold. It empowers and provides the men with a second chance at a fresh start, along with counseling. In addition to reducing the recidivism rate in San Diego, California. I think the Bowen Family Systems theory would be an effective therapy in working with the men in several ways. Often time, there may have been a history of family members who are in and out of the system. A pattern has already been formed by the time these men have committed crimes. Problems can be the result of relational patterns

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