Rationale For A Phenomenological Research

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Chapter III described the process of this phenomenological research, using black feminist perspectives with individuals who had experienced the phenomenon being explored. Not only does this chapter reveal the research design utilized in this study, but also the relationships of the research questions that were under examination, as well as the procedures that were followed in the development and implementation of the study. A full description is included in the research design, research questions, population, data collection and proposed data analysis involving the challenges that African American female secondary school educators’ have experienced with their students. In addition, it also addressed the rapports of these teachers with their students’ parents, colleagues, and administration, as to how they affect their relationship with their students.
Rationale for a Qualitative Study with a Phenomenological Design
When utilizing a qualitative approach, the task becomes one of determining the qualitative method to be used. Additionally, Stake (2010) used purpose, research design, and methodical data techniques as a way of classifying types of qualitative research. Similarly, Cresswell & Cresswell (2007) spoke of five practices of qualitative research. These five practices consist of biography, phenomenological study, grounded theory study, ethnography, and case study. This researcher chose a phenomenological study for this research project.
The method chosen for this
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