Rationale For A Unit Of Work

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This report will discuss the rationale for a unit of work, combining a class trip to Jodrell Bank. It has been planned and considered for a Year 1 class, but is adaptable to suit any Key Stage 1 class. It concentrates on the effective teaching of the foundation subjects, in particular, History and Art and Design, supporting the use of Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC).

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) defines ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ (“LOTC”) as ‘… the use of places other than the classroom for teaching and learning’ (Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, 2017: online). The use of LOTC in schools has proven to contribute to children’s whole development ensuring that they; are healthy and safe, enjoy
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Whilst the benefits of LOTC are clear it is important to note that it may only be effective when relevant to the National Curriculum and planned for in the correct context (Beames et al, 2012).

Whilst the importance and benefits of LOTC has been reported by many educational and professional bodies in the past, it has also been noted that some schools are reluctant to plan for LOTC due to the pressure of a packed National Curriculum and time constraints (Maynard and Waters, 2007). However, Ofsted has addressed these concerns, along with concerns about financial barriers and health and safety aspects, in their report dated 2008. Suggesting that, where the LOTC activity directly related to the curriculum and specific learning outcomes, the majority of the planning for the trip would already be complete, reducing the demand of teachers.

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre is a site 20 miles South of Manchester which was initially set up by Bernard Lovell and the University of Manchester in 1945 as an observation station to monitor the activity of cosmic rays. Today, Jodrell Bank still operates as a leading radio astronomy facility and home to the Lovell Telescope (Jodrell Bank online).

Whilst it could be assumed that the site would only be used for the teaching and learning of Science due to its scientific connections, it is also an ideal site for the teaching and learning
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