Rationale For Literature Review

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Discussing the rationale for literature review to demonstrate its significance in research.
The literature review is mostly regarded as being an essential part of student projects, research studies and dissertations. This essay examines the reasons for the importance of the literature review, its rationale in demonstrating the significance in research, and the things which it tries to achieve. It also outlines the main strategies which you can use to write a good literature review. The essay will also analyze the advantages of literature review, the different types of literature review and the obstacles you may face when conducting your study.
Literature review is an efficient search of published work to find out what is previously known about
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It assist you in understanding the research topic you have chosen and also grooming you to develop your own ideas and also demonstrating your knowledge together with the one you have gathered. Literature review allows an individual to produce a good study in a way that also , the research produced would have a full reference, the purpose and hypothesis, methodology, findings and conclusion, and so on which are considered as the reviewing techniques. It helps the reader to understand how researchers study fits into a broader…show more content…
Date of access 19 August 2017
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