Rationale For Methodology For Quantitative Research

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Rationale for Methodology The quantitative method for this study is being used because of the statistical, arithmetical, or a numerical study of facts gathered through surveys, and questionnaires (Babbie, 2010). The quantitative will allow to measure before and after. This quantitative research is significant because it will statistically show the number of teachers that improve with a before and after test design. The methodology will be a Quantitative Quasi-Experimental Pre-Post Test Design. According to Yin (2011) settled that a qualitative study, the social construction worldwide is usual, while the qualitative depends on the participant’s opinions of the research. Qualitative will focus on interviews and surveys of participants while quantitative will focus on the statistical numbers. Quantitative will use organized research instruments. Qualitative deals more with words while in this study will deal with numbers (Bricki & Green, 2015). Qualitative study criticisms; trials are small, may not represent the broad population, and maybe hard to express in what way the results are unfair by the investigators own feelings (Bricki & Green, 2015). Quantitative research will give a statistical count of the number of teacher mentors on novice teacher self-worth in the classroom versus those without teacher mentors on novice teacher’s self-worth in the classroom. Qualitative will only give small amount of mentor teacher on novice teacher self-worth
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