Rationale For Selecting Comfort For Patient Care

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Rationale for Selecting Comfort As a profession, nursing should include the concept of comfort in patient care. Comfort is a continuous process in caring for patients. In a hospital setting, comfort can be a challenge to achieve. The emergency room, for example, is an uncontrolled environment and is one of the most difficult hospital settings to provide comfort. There are different aspects to achieving comfort within health care: the environment, nursing care, the patient, and health. The focus of comfort in the physical environment included lighting, noise, temperature, and window views (Ponte & Silva, 2015). Environmental comforts are aspects that can be manipulated by the nurse. Nursing care and interventions require the nurse to be aware of the patient’s needs, and continuously providing comfort measures. The patient needing comfort refers to how individuals perceive their discomfort, health, and care they are receiving. Finally, health refers to the outcomes of care, including comfort measures to the dying, or comfort within a good death. Review of Relevant Literature Poortliet et al. (2015) studied whether a comfort goal shortly after admission changed the families perspective of satisfaction with end-of-life care and quality of dying in dementia patients. A total of 28 nursing homes were recruited nationwide with a total of 372 newly diagnosed dementia patients (Poortliet et al., 2015). Questionnaires were given at 8 weeks after admission for a
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