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“Automated Subject Evaluation and Class Management System of Bohol Island State University – Main Campus”

Chapter 1
Almost everything has been influenced by technology. In the current era of rapid development, technology facilitates peoples’ lives and creates more comfort. It has remarkably improved the quality of life. Due to this advancement, young people of this generation are getting used to find the easiest and most convenient way.
As for the students and faculty of Bohol Island State University – Main Campus, finding the easiest and the most convenient way in relation to subject evaluation process and class management is a challenge. These parts are critical. Most often in subject
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The researchers will be using questionnaires as research instrument in gathering data needed for the appraisal of the study, and will be used to test its speed, accuracy, stability and convenience of use. The researchers conducted actual tests to evaluate the accuracy and stability of the project.
Environment and Participants The gathering of data is to be done at Bohol Island State University – Main Campus. The respondents of the study will be the students of the engineering department.

Instrument To acquire the necessary data for the assessment of efficiency and acceptability of the project, the researchers will be formulating self-made questionnaires. The questionnaires consist of statements regarding to performance of the system. The researcher will present their questionnaires to their English critic and will be used for pilot testing for the validity of the questionnaires. The data that will be gathered in the pilot testing will be used for testing purpose only. The suggestions and recommendations from the chosen respondents will be applied in the revision to questionnaires to further improve the material and the validity of the Instrument.
Phase I. Observation of the problems of the school The researchers observed that the students from Bohol island State University experienced inconvenience in the
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