Rationale and Analysis

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Rationale and Analysis Introduction This rationale paper reviews the department of defense Inspector general. The initial mission for the department when it was formed in 1982 was to serve as an independent supervisor to the department of defense. The powers and responsibilities of the department are drawn from the inspector general Act of 1978. The key tasks of the department were to monitor, evaluate, and investigate all the operations of the department of defense. The department was also expected to provide leadership in policy development for the department. The policies should be designed to promote economic development and optimal resource allocation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of defense programs. The department was also tasked with providing the secretary of defense with adequate information and providing guidance on matters of defense programs. The congress also expects the department to provide guidance on deficiencies on defense operations and programs. The DOD directive 5106.01 also enumerates that the department was to provide objective and independent audits on DOD operations and programs, with the aim of enhancing effectiveness and promoting national security. To enhance the department's independence, the inspector general can only be removed from office by the president after adequate reasons have been presented before the congress. Moreover, the inspector general has a direct access to the secretary of defense. The mission of the department
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