Rationale for Instrumentation

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Rationale for Instrumentation The topic areas used to develop items for this survey questionnaire are derived from the research questions developed through the literature review. The research questions that guide this study are as follows: 1. What issues contribute to the lack of women in law enforcement? 2. What obstacles do women face when entering the career field of law enforcement? 3. What does the opposite sex believe about women choosing law? enforcement as their career? 4. Does discrimination still exist in the workforce for women pursuing a career in law enforcement? 5. What factors contribute to lack of advancement opportunities for women in law enforcement? A review of the dimensions and dynamics of these research questions indicates three main sub-topics that form the basis for creating the instrumentation for this study. The subtopics and the associated research questions are as follows: (a) The barriers to recruitment, hiring, and training of women for law enforcement careers (research questions 1 and 2); (b) the impact of gender-based perceptions on the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement activity (research question 3); and (c) on-the-job discrimination relevant to assignments and advancement (research questions 4 and 5). The sub-topics in this research are not entirely distinct. The questions require the women respondents to consider and represent the perceptions of their colleagues and superiors. As such, this
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