Rationale on Effects of Playing Computer Games on the Academic Performance of the Students

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Rationale and Importance
Gaming in Education: What Students Can Learn From Video Games in School

As new teachers enter the workforce with greater technology familiarity than their predecessors, a wider margin of accepted teaching methods has developed, changing the way in which educators are able to form successful instructional relationships with their students. Many districts, in order to help faculty keep pace with their rapidly changing and technologically capable student bodies, are attempting to alter their most well established modes of erudition (namely lecture, discussion, co-operative group, and hands-on learning); as a result, there has been a continuing trend in the reduction of teacher reliance on textbooks and an upswing in
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Most prominently, video game play (unlike many types of traditional pedagogy) appears to augment student self-efficacy through the elimination of many stigmatizing cultural differences between various ethnic and gender groups, enabling students of all backgrounds to share equally in the education process without fear of exclusion by their peers (Browell, 2008). While this may only seem to be a tangential advantage for the majority of students, researchers have found that the free collaboration of students through the sharing of game-based learning outlines a direct correlation with the development of vastly improved 21st century occupational skills, including team-building, group management, and individual persistence (Browell, 2008; Gentile et al, 2009). World of Warcraft in particular, the leader in massive multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), has been developed with these desirable occupational skills at the forefront of its game objectives, forcing its players to hone their group and inquiry-based learning abilities through the rigorous process of peer-to-peer meta-cognitive analysis (Schrader & McCreery, 2008). Other, more pro-socially constructed MMORPGs have even displayed a reversal in the learned aggression long attributed
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