Rationalism In John Coffey's 'The Green Mile'

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John Freud’s main behavior he distributes is his strong defense mechanism. The one John Coffey demonstrates the defense mechanism of regression. Regression is one shows results of being able to cope in an adaptive way. When John is put into prison these behaviors of being scared of the dark became worse. Another defense mechanism that is seen is rationalization and it is displayed by Paul. Rationalization is when someone’s feelings are being bale to be justified. Paul shows rationalization when he finally justifies the killing of an innocent man because he has been convicted guilty in a court of law and they gave him a chance to leave and he didn’t. Even though Paul knows the real truth about whether John is guilty or not he looks at all the case evidence to help him believe he should go down the green mile. Percy shows the defense mechanism called projection. His is when you deal with your feelings by applying them to other peoples. A way the movie shows is the way Percy thinks the workers of the prison and the prisoners and worthless when really he is worthless. Many of the inmates also have lost track of how it is outside of prison. This is known as external locus of control and it is the idea that someone fate is controlled by something that is out of their hands. The prisoners in the Green Mile are all sentenced to death and do not attempt to change their fates because they know there is no way to change it because it has already been sealed. Paul also shows this because he knows that John is innocent but there is nothing he can do about it because the court has already put him on death row. Percy shows he has a very low self-esteem. People who have a low self-esteem tend to make fun of others or put others down to make themselves feel bigger and better. Percy Does this throughout the movie by putting all the prisoners down and calling them mean names. Percy also was racist towards John because he was black and made fun of his physical characteristics because Percy was a very small man. John was a huge Black Man so the townspeople did not like him and gave people a negative way of thinking of him. One of the main reasons he got framed for the crime of murdering the two girls was his appearance. This

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