Rationality of Organizations and Management Theories Essay

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Are Organization Rational?


There are two meanings of rationality. The first one is formal rationality, which means doing the things in the right -the most rational- ways. The second one is substantive rationality, which means doing the right -most rational- things.

This essay will illustrate the rationality of organization by looking at the management theories used by the organization. To do this, first of all definition of organization and the importance of management theories to organization will be given. After that, three types of management will be discussed, which are traditional model, human relations model and human resources model. Finally the essay will end with a conclusion.

What is Organization?

Clear explanation of organization can be found in ‘Organization Strategy, Structure and Process’ (1978). An organization is both an aim, and a process to achieve the aim. For most organizations, whatever what aims do they have, adapting themselves to the change of environment is the dynamic process and the key of survival and expansion. To overcome the three main problems the of organizational adaption, i.e. entrepreneurial problem, engineering problem and administrative problem, different patterns of behavior are used by organization, which are defenders, prospector, analyzer and reactor (Miles, Snow, Meyer and Coleman, 1978).

Another meaning of organization is given by Zenger, Lazzarini, and Poppo(2002). Organization can be dived into formal…