Ratonhaketon-Personal Narrative Essay

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My pain swiftly turned to anger and i tackled the still somewhat dizzy headed Ratonhaketon.

He just stumbled back a bit from the impact.

I deffinately had underestimated his strength because i flailed to the ground trying to stop my fall i obviously used my hands but the pain of the blade wound was to strong and i fell face first into the dirt.

Managing to get up again i looked around for Ratonhaketon.

My head was throbbing with pain.

My vision was slightly blurred but that figure charging towards me was definately the indian boy.

I was about to make another evation manouver, when i noticed something dangling from a low branch right in front of me .

It was my air rifle .

Of course , ratonhaketon and i had bascaly switched places during the fight.
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Lacking the time to properly aim i took a shot at Ratonhaketon and was almost ready to lean back and watch him drop, when i realized that , despite the fact that i just hit im with a sleeping dart directly in an exposed part of his chest, he was stil running towards me.

Next thing i knew, i was getting bitchlapped by Ratonhaketon's
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