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Raul E. Quesada
Professor Kennedy
Texas Government
26 February 2017
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The Texas Constitution
A constitution is consisted of four major functions that apply to constitutions all around the United States. Separation of powers is one of the major functions which is the formality of the three branches of government. The three branches of government are the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Each have their own appliance to the constitutions of the vast United States, and each have their own influences as well to the different constitutions across the U.S. Another major function of a constitution is the division of federal and state powers throughout the U.S. This division of federal and state powers is usually
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The Texas Government must remain in the confines of the Texas Constitution which ultimately means to follow the four major functions. These four major functions define a constitution and its meaning therefore leaving the Texas Government with the same predicament and views, due to the same principles they both share within each other. Regardless of the sudden changes in current laws and policies the Texas Constitution must remain with its natural basics that a constitution settles in.
Even though many of these policies effect the current Texas Constitution, there is at least one of these policies that do not very well effect it in a large manner. The policy that least effects the Texas Constitution is the separation of powers function where laws are made. The reasoning behind this is, Texas’s Constitution passes and applies different laws for its state unlike than other constitutions around the country. The difference in lawmaking in a Texas Constitution and another constitution is the process of the law and whether it is passed or accepted for the state itself. Laws always differ between states and constitutions and it depends on the constitution to identify if it is accepted or passed. Just like how Brandon Mulder states in his news information upon Texas, “Most of the marijuana-related bills, however, are not poised to gain majority support in

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