Raunch Culture

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The issue of sexuality in advertising has been raised in the last ten years (Brooke, 2010; Bradley, 2007; Phillips, 2005; Kent, 2005 & Levy, 2005), hence the concept of raunch culture raises the question of whether women are being empowered or victimised. This essay will discuss whether raunch culture represents a wave of new feminism, focusing on whether women’s sexuality is being celebrated in a healthy and empowering manner or preyed upon by marketing’s misogynistic and exploitating image of the good life laid out in various media forms, from billboards to sex videos to television advertisements and movies. It will also identify the role and responsibilities of marketers in relation to the stakeholders involved. Subsequently, followed…show more content…
Therefore, marketers have the responsibilities in considering whether their marketing strategy can expose its messages appropriately without distorting society’s perception of women. On the issue of raunch culture in advertising, research indicates that marketers play an important role in exploiting this issue (LaTour & Henthome, 1994; Gould, 1994). Different studies indicate that the moral and ethical considerations of society changes overtime. Therefore, the issue of raunchy concepts would be perceived as morally right due to marketers’ consideration of what is acceptable and appropriate has also changed. Moreover, Foucault (1998, cited in Kent, 2005) and Levy (2005) claim that being part of the raunch culture depends on individual choices and, the ethics of sex and sexuality are determined by social contexts, knowledge and relations of power. Accordingly, the issues of the raunch media will be subjected to different perceptions and interpretations depending on the individual. It is crucial to identify the key stakeholders who are affected by the raunch culture. From the internal perspective, key stakeholders include the company itself, their shareholders and employees. From the external perspective, stakeholders
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