Raven Noskey Case Study

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Case Study 4
Raven Noskey is a young Indigenous female that had been apprehended from her biological family at birth, thus separating her from her cultural roots. Through the act of the 60’s Scoop, she had been apprehended by social workers from her Indigenous home and had been taken in by a non-Indigenous family- that is unaware and uneducated toward her background- thus, separating Raven from the important knowledge of understanding her culture.
Raven has been a victim of systematic racism throughout her life as she recalls on the racist remarks being made against her by her peers; she describes having been “teased by others her whole life for being “brown skinned.”
It is evident that the impacts of transracial adoption have negatively affected Raven’s mental health. The client admits to having resorted to self harm as a coping mechanism in order to deal with her depression.
Transracial Adoption and 60’s Scoop
As Raven has expressed having feelings of shame for not having knowledge about her roots, it is important to examine the implications that have lead her to being displaced from her Indigenous upbringing. Through the racist act of the Sixties Scoop, Indigenous children were apprehended from their biological families by Canadian social workers, and were placed into non-Indigenous households, further displacing them from their cultural roots (Sinclair 2007). The goal of the Sixties Scoop existed through racist policy acting against Aboriginal Peoples through

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