Raven Vs Cara

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Raven vs Carla
Personality is a combination of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; each personality if different and that makes an individual unique. Although some similarities exist between my mother and I personality wise, I tend to be very laid back whereas my mother is considered uptight. Our personality differences come through in different areas of our lives; they clearly show in the way that we manage our time and in our social lives.
Dealing with a laid back person can be a hassle, especially when it comes to time management. Laid back people are usually never in a hurry to do anything and carry on their lives without the use of a proper schedule. Uptight people always plan ahead, but a laid back person often completes their tasks at the last minute. For example, we took a trip to Atlanta, and, me being the laid back, procrastinating person that I am, my last minute packing caused me to leave my driver’s license at home. I was trying to hurry and get everything done in such a short amount of time that I forgot something important. My mom tends to be more
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My laid-back personality caused me to have a strong social life, and I would attend a lot of parties and events. My mom, on the other hand, did not have many friends. Her events would be planned perfectly, but not many people would show up because of her lacking social life. She spent so much time paying attention to the details that she forgot to just live at times. I am the opposite, I lived too much and didn’t pay enough attention to the details. All of my life, I have been a talkative person, but my mom, on the other hand, is very quiet. In high school, I was always the person who could have a conversation with just about anybody. I have never been a shy person like my mom. I have always been a popular person because of how social I am, but at times my grades would
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