Raven 's P.o. V. Stupid House

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Raven’s P.O.V
Stupid house. I can’t believe we had to move here. It’s such a downgrade. My dad had to had to move jobs, so now were stuck moving into this stupid, old, falling-apart house. It’s hideous. After contemplating my life for another few minutes, I finally get out of the car. Grabbing my suitcases, I walk up the old stone path straight to the front door, looking up at the old windows as I do. I swear I could see someone standing there, but I’m probably just tired. I open the door and *creak* oh god. Even the doors are creaky. I walk straight to the steps,
I walk straight down the corridor to the bedroom farthest away from everyone else in my family. I put my suitcases on my bed and sit down, completely
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Was that? Screaming? I turn around to ask Xander but he was gone. Weird.
I walked out the door. On my way to my first day of school. I saw Xander standing by his front door.
“Hey Raven. Can I drop by after school?”
“Oh, but don’t you go to my school? I thought it was the only school around here.”
“Uhm, yeah it is, But I’m home schooled”
“Ah ok. See you then!”
Xander scares me sometimes. With the way he looks at me with his icy eyes.
I was on my laptop and I decided to look up some information about our house. Made in 1882… over 4 residents… killed?! They were all killed in our house? It says by a teenage boy named Xander, and it looks exactly like him. But it can’t be, can it?
I already made a new friend today. His name is Mordecai. He said he would walk me home.
“I can’t believe you live in the murder house.”
“Is that what people call it?”
“Yeah. Don’t worry about them though.” I saw Xander through my window as we walked up the steps. Did he look.. angry?
“Thanks for walking me home Mordecai”.
“It’s cool. See you tomorrow.”
I walk into my room but where did Xander go?

I slam the off button on the alarm. Why was my alarm going off at 10 O’clock at night? I stretch and slowly open my eyes.
“Good Evening”.
I jump and look at Xander.
“Oh, Hey. I haven’t seen you for ages. What’s u-
“Will you go to the beach with me?”
“What?! Seriously?”
“Yes. Right now.”
“But it’s late and-“
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