Raving Fans : A Revolutionary Approach

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The book Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service, links together many critical aspects of running a successful business operation with the concepts we have learned this semester in Management 402. The book highlights three critical aspects/secrets to servicing and retaining high quality customer service levels or the Raving Fan status through the application of several fictitious businesses. According to Charlie, the Area Manager’s mentor, the three secrets to exceptional customer service are to decide what you want (create a personal vision), discover what the customer wants (find the customer’s vision), and deliver plus one (improve by one percent / go the extra mile). Throughout the semester, our class has discussed…show more content…
To ensure the non-managerial staff’s cooperation through this time of transition, they were offered countless hours of training, performance bonuses, and assurance of employment satisfaction among other benefits. Employee satisfaction and knowledge of operations are critical components for implementing the Ritz Carlton’s world-class hotel experience. This new order approach is similar to the operations at Andrew’s “World’s Greatest Service Station”. Andrew empowers his frontline employees to provide meaningful, sincere service through methods such as company culture training and opportunities for performance bonuses & managerial promotions. These performance bonuses are allocated based on their ability to interact with the customer in a manner that would ensure a Raving Fan status. Andrew’s philosophy is centered around the systematical idea of meeting expectations first and exceeding second to ensure that they never cheat the customer. Each employee is expected to achieve a full understanding of this philosophy, so they can effectively provide the customer with what they expect and deserve. The Ritz Carlton approaches operations in the same manner by ensuring that each customer is taken care of in an efficient and effective manner. “World Class” services such as the Ritz Carlton and Andrew’s service station can only be achieved through a strong company-wide culture surrounded
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