Raving Fans By Ken Blanchard And Sheldon Bowles

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The book Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles is written in parable style which teaches the average person the importance of providing customer service and implementing effective systems to create “Raving Fans” a basic requirement. A raving fan is a customer who is extremely satisfied with the level of service they receive that they can’t help but tell everyone about it.
The book is narrated in story like format as it follows the life of an Area Manager and Charlie, his fairy godmother. The story begins with an Area Manager accepting his new job, where he is told that the business is built upon customer service and his job is to address that. The man hiring him explains that those before him would still be working if they were able to understand this concept. On the first day of his job, he is visited by Charlie who appears wearing sports clothes and carrying a golf bag. The Area Manager finally opens up to Charlie who shares secrets with him on how to create “Raving Fans”. As they play golf and talk, he learns the three main strategies on creating raving fans; 1) Decide What you Want; 2) Discover What the Customer Wants; 3) Deliver Plus One. Charlie tells him that the company’s slogan should be, “No Worse than the Competition” because he believes the only reason that customers are satisfied with their service is because their expectations are low and no other company is doing any better. He says the customers are so fed up with the service they receive,

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