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Clayton Crockett 11:00 a.m. Raving Fans I chose to read and review was Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. Raving Fans begins with a recently promoted Area Manager familiarizing himself with his new office while his mind races with his thoughts of the recent conversation he has just had with the president of his corporation. As the new Area Manager he is struggling to wrap his mind around the concept of customer satisfaction. As he is steadily thinking his fairy Godmother, Charlie shows up. The recently promoted Area Manager and Charlie leave the office and Charlie makes the suggestion to go play golf. After the round of golf, Charlie takes the newly promoted Area Manager to meet Leo and Leo reveals the first secret…show more content…
The text also suggests that people will often say something and what they say could have a complete polar opposite meaning from what they actually intended it to mean. The example within the text is the statement “fine”. When people utter this statement it rarely ever means that things are actually “fine”. Great managers must be able to read people and be able to pick out the smallest detailed problems. Then they must have the skills to know how to handle those problems the right way. The most important context from the text is of course the steps to creating “raving fans”. The first is for the company to decide its vision, secondly discover what the customer wants, and last but not least deliver the vision plus one percent. An individual must have a vision of what type of company he/she wants before they can move forward and build a successful company. An individual must also know and understand their customers’ needs. The vision of a company and the vision of that company’s customers may not be perfectly in line with one another but it has to start small and gradually work, one percent at a time, to a combined vision of perfection between the company and its most important factor, the “raging fans”. I believe that Raving Fans was filled with useful ideas about the successful

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