Raw and Shawshank Redemption's Attitudes and Actions

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Institutions and Individual Experience in Society There are many different attitudes and actions shown by the people in the text ‘Raw’ by Scott Monk and the film Shawshank Redemption that have had an impact on society and their image on institutions. The basic definition of an institution is an organisation which is founded for a religious, educational, social, imprisonment or similar purpose. The significance that these texts have on the image of institutions is so important through the elaborate actions and behavior of the characters and the roles in which they play in. The way in which Scott Monk in his book ‘Raw’ created his main character Brett was through many different attitudes that Brett has and his beliefs in the things around…show more content…
Shawshank Redemption is about a middle aged man named Andy Defresne who has found his wife dead sleeping with another man which in turn has caused the authorities to suspect him as the main suspect and soon enough was imprisoned under the charge of double homicide which was a sentence of two life times. When he firsts arrives at prison he is locked in a cell and placed on yard duty in which many of the other cell mates looked at him with weary suspicious eyes. As each day passed he grew to learn the roles of his cellmates and who to stay away from, one of these men was a man called Red who was the main person who supplied things. Andy met Red through a simple arrangement, for him to obtain a rock pick. This interested Red a lot and his interest in Andy grew as each day passed. Andy was a Banker in his old life and when he over heard a guard complaining about his tax Andy offered him a deal to help him with his tax in return for a couple beers with 5 of his inmates on top of the roof, the guard agreed. As they were on the roof 5 of his inmates enjoyed beers except for him, he didn’t react or want anything, all he wanted was to stare out into the blue sky and the trees that surrounded the imprisonment. This has a great impact on the viewer as it shows his will is still strong and his thirst for freedom. As time progresses

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