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Raw by Scott Monk Brett holds a rebellious attitude and has certain negativity towards authority; this is expressed in his attitude towards the police at the start of the novel and the use of the dialogue "pigs". They capture Brett after a bungled robbery and he is taken from Sydney to a juvenile detention centre in Mungindi run by Sam and Mary Fraser. Brett Dalton is the individual we see the institution have major effects on, it changes his life, attitudes…show more content…
Sam is a very influential person in Brett's few months in the institution; he is a prime example of a positive aspect of the institution. The Simple philosophy utilized by Sam early in the text, and reaffirmed in the conclusion "that only you can change your life" shows us he believes that rehabilitation of young offenders is much more likely to occur through the stressing of personal responsibility for ones choices rather than enforcement and punishment. Sam's farm provides a balance between authority and independence which allows Brett the opportunity to learn compliance towards authority, as well as independence at the same time.

Dehumanization can be an effect of institutions, we see an example of this when the police call him "the boy" rather than his first name, Sam on the other hand calls all the boys, by their first names. Sam gives the boys respect and responsibility, and gradually, the boys learn to give respect back to him, and learn responsibility themselves.

When Brett's bag an wallet are taken by James the Mustang driver, Brett begins to empathize with the experience of being a victim of crime. This is a starting point to the change in Brett's attitudes, he returns to the farm, and whether he knows it or not his rehabilitation begins.

Brett's change in attitudes is seen in the incident when the inmates are allowed to go to the rodeo. Three inmates, including frog were unable to handle the freedom they
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