Ray Ban Case Study

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-Promotion- There are multiple promotions that Ray-Ban can do in order to make their product more successful in China. As the company should mainly focus on Urban areas to sell their glasses, as these are the most densely populated, they should place billboards and posters around the city in order for those to see it in order to create a pull strategy. Since poor eyesight is in conjunction with studying more, television advertisements would not be as helpful as one may think as most of the time those who need the glasses are not watching television. A promotion that I think would be successful in China is through a push strategy. Ray-Ban representatives should go to private schools and school in higher class areas and let the children try a pair of glasses for the day or to give a presentation to parents on how eyesight can affect studying. In a study done in The Economist, it was shown that when they gave free glasses to students, their test scores improved “by the equivalent of nearly a year's extra education.” By promoting glasses and specifically ray-ban glasses as helping the education of their children, this would entice parents to buy it, as studying and education is such an important part of the Chinese culture. -Place- Ray-Bans should mainly be sold in the Urban areas of the country. This is because those with higher income who can afford the higher price of these glasses would be able to buy not only glasses but also sunglasses. Ray-bans have been placed
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