Ray Bradbury Compare And Contrast Essay

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Comparing and Contrasting Characteristics Ray Bradbury’s creation of character Montag in Fahrenheit 451 mirrors his own personal fears, social expectations, and importance of relations. Fahrenheit 451 is split up into 3 characteristics that the author, Ray Bradbury and the main character, Guy Montag share, bringing them to show their most common interests… their love for book. They are willing to go to the fullest extinct for their passion without letting anything get in their way and taking all risks that is needed to succeed. As well as Ray Bradbury had some wild thoughts he also had some personal fears , afraid to take off his career and other reasons. Based off his past, it made the person and writer he is today , giving him the…show more content…
“ I knew Ray Bradbury for the last thirty years of his life, and i was so lucky. He was so funny and gentle and always enthusiastic. He cared, completely and utterly about things. He cared about toys and childhood, and films. He cared about books. He cared about stories.” Even though Bradbury had issues at home with his family he never let it stop him from writing and chasing his dreams. He kept pushing forward as well as Montag, facing problems with his wife finding out he was no longer in love with his wife he still tried to make it work and focus on his main focus. “Despite economic problems that took his family twice to Arizona in search of work, and despite the deaths of two siblings, Bradbury’s memory of his early years is positive.” Writing this novel Bradbury has let other readers feel close to him allowing them to feel like they can relate to him through his stories as well as Montag. Bradbury and Montag relate because they know what is expected of them to succeed and satisfy themselves. Montag holds the responsibility as being a fireman and burning books instead he keeps them other characters in the story can relate who have escaped the society and they will also help him to do the same. They both feel they need to catch up on their past and make the most of their life while they have it. “ Montag opines on several occasions throughout the novel that he needs to catch up with the memories of the past.” They both love books and would
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