Ray Bradbury 's Worthy Of The Curriculum

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Collin Rineer
CP American Lit and Comp
Mrs. Mayo
Nov 10, 2014
Ray Bradbury, Worthy of the Curriculum?
Ray Bradbury is an American author who has written many books including Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury should be included in Penn Manor’s American Literature Curriculum because of his works of science fiction, one being Fahrenheit 451, that use politics and a unique style to create these situations and settings that show the strange things that happen in the human mind rather than strange things that happen to them. Politics are an important part of his books and supports why Bradbury should be included. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury tells about a fireman named Guy Montag where his job is simple, burn books. Montag loved his job and always followed orders. Then a seventeen year old girl named Clarisse moved next door and changed his whole outlook of the world that hes been living his life in. (1-24) The government in Fahrenheit 451 controls the entire society by keeping the expansion of knowledge low by banning books and burning them. In the world of Fahrenheit 451 he uses advanced technology, such as the mechanicals hounds, to be the peacekeepers of the world. The style works well with his use of the setting and political influences but these are only some of the reasons why he should be included in the CP American Literature Curriculum.
Bradbury uses politics in Fahrenheit 451 to control and convey the story. In Bradbury’s dystopian society the government basically
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