Ray Bradbury's Essay 'A Sound Of Thunder'

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How can the simplest forms of binary coding drive humanity to absolute insanity? The notion that technology can now make your lives worthless should be a clear and present threat that should push humanity to fix the problem at hand, but we as humans are the most indecisive, naive, and ludicrous beings that this earth has to offer. If we could fix the problem, why are we so quick to filter out and seek methods to destroys us? Ray Bradbury exclaims that technology can destroy humanity; he shows us examples of corruption affecting both man and machine, traveling in time destroying a set path, and people betraying one another for the glory of simplicity to emphasize how hazardous technology could really be.
A wholesome idea that both sides of the defining spectrum between man and machine could eventually corrupt each other is a plausible idea that has been a reasonable speculation since the beginning of the intent of an
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Most often in recent days, decisions of anyone are more criticized for their potential outcome than any other criteria regarding selections for change. This sudden move frightens the very fabric of reality with small and valueless notions suddenly having the biggest potential for changing all aspects of anyone's state of current being. This idea of humans going beyond their bounds and control is greatly noted with Ray Bradbury’s short, “A Sound Of Thunder”, to which he states ,”Step on a mouse and you crush the Pyramids. Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity” concluding the idea that stepping on a spec because of your decision can destroy or offset the very existence of any force perpetuated by atomic structure. Stepping on one thing can lead people to change their moods most rapidly, and judging on what you stepped on can lead them to make their own decisions that could either hurt or betray your ideology in a
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