Ray Bradbury's Writing Style Essay

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Ray Bradbury and Edgar Poe both have somewhat similar writing styles. They both write in mysterious ways, and give a lot of foreshadowing. They also seem to enjoy writing about tragedies that happen both in the background and upfront. They both elaborate very specifically about how the scene is played out. They both have a similar conflict between possessions and desires. This is seen in both their writing and their backgrounds. Poe and Bradbury both seem to enjoy their writing and love to express what is happening in their lives into their writing. This can be seen when Bradbury writes the short story There will Come Soft Rains, where he is battling his emotions about technology. With Poe, this can be seen in A Tell Tale Heart, where he…show more content…
A man famous for his darker writing styles. Almost all of his numerous poems and writings include a darker element. This can be contributed to his childhood. As he grew up his childhood was not as easy and laid-back as other children. His family was almost completely broke and living in Boston. On top of that, by the time the poet was three parents were both dead. His father had left him when he was two and his mother had died when he was three. He may have gotten his artistic influences from his parents, who were both professional actors. Poe was the put in the care of a man named John Allan and a woman named Frances. John was a prosperous tobacco trader and Poe had a well supported child hood. He went to the first rate boarding schools. He went above and beyond expectations in grades. He soon graduated and went to the University of Virginia. However, only one year of school he was forced to return home because John refused to pay his gambling debts. Because of this he fell into the habit of heavy drinking and married a 13 year old girl. He then lost his beloved wife and began writing more and more depressing stories. He tried to start up a magazine but he failed. As he grew more and more into the habit of drinking his writing grew slower. He soon died at the age of 40 from supposed alcohol
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