Ray Jackson Research Paper

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Ray Jackson was young boy growing up in the streets of Southampton, England. He lived a normal life in the late 1800’s. Growing up he didn’t have a dad to look up to. His dad left their family when RJ was 3 years old. Times were tough and his mother and father just weren’t getting along very well so he left their family. Ray was very disappointed with his father’s absence. His absence bothered him all throughout his childhood, but we’ll save that for another story.
Skipping past his childhood, we’ll go to a time where RJ was about 18 years old. Ray was doing pretty well on his own. He graduated from high school when he was about 17 years old. There he met the girl of his dreams. Her name was Mary. She was perfect! Every time she walked her
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The day that he boarded the Titanic it was a beautiful spring morning. Excitement was in the air as the crowds cheered for the passengers boarding the huge ship. RJ was holding a bitter-sweet taste in his mouth. He knew it was time to move on from his old life and start anew.
Two days into the trip, Roy was having an amazing time! He met a few nice looking ladies and was enjoying himself. He made a few new friends but he never really let anybody get to know him very well and kept his distance from others at times. RJ always carried two pictures with him; his wife’s and his son’s. He missed them dearly. He almost wished he could be with them in a better place, but then he would think about the wonderful life waiting for him in NYC.
The next day, Roy decided to get to know some of the girls aboard the ship. He met this really pretty and nice girl named Angela. She held a striking resemblance to his passed wife. He knew that he should try to move on from her death so he decided to get close to this girl. They instantly fell in love. Angela was a gorgeous, brown haired woman around 23 years of age. She knew how to cook and read and how to take care of a man. Roy had a lot of fun just getting to know her. She was smart and really funny! He enjoyed her company and loved hearing her laugh and have a good
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