Ray Larabie and His Typodermic Fonts

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I decided to do my paper on Ray Larabie who is known for his shareware/freeware fonts and is one of the biggest contributors to digital typography. He is a Canadian open and true type font designer born in 1970 currently living in Japan. He tends to specialize in sans serif fonts which are good for use in desktop publishing and graphic design titles/headlines rather than body text. His fonts have been used in several high profile projects such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and the Price is Right. Between the years 1996 and 2001 Ray created 250 free font families which were released on his web site. Then in 2001 he started the Typodermic Fonts Company and continues to update and expand the original Larabie Fonts family. His fonts and style is very diverse and different. When Ray was five and living near Ottawa his grandmother brought him stacks of specialized lettering sheets of Helvetica, Clarendon, Franklin Gothic, Futura and Univers. He got to know these fonts and began to recognize them in the environment. He received a computer in the early 80s and he started making bitmap fonts. Ray believes that at first he didn’t have as much of an eye for type designs as he thought he did. He considered going back to school but realized how much he didn’t like school. What helped him ultimately was someone telling him about his overshoots. He wasn’t aware he’d even been making overshoots but he wasn’t uncomfortable with the scrutiny because he never thought real font designers

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