Ray Lewis Speeches

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We Made It It was the last play of the game we need to hold them and they had to score everyone on he stands were yelling. The quarter back load and throws the ball. Ray Lewis was one of the most outstanding linebacker in football history. He says lots of things on the field to motivate others. “Do whatever you got to do to make sure you chase your legacy every second of your life” was one of those many quotes. Tonight is the night we show them why we are here, and we are going to prove that we deserve to be here. Today was 18th of November a special day for us football players. We were scared, excited, nervous, and thrill of this day. It was a cold and we day every team member had their jersey on representing himself high…show more content…
The ride to the game was long and harsh. It took us five and a half hours to get there. As we got off the bus the other team was already waiting to see how their competition looks like. “They are a small team with a strong drive” said their coach. Once we got all our stuff of the bus we went inside to get our stuff ready for the epic game. I look at my teammates and I told myself, “These are the guys that have gone through 100-degree heat with me and have sacrifice countless days of pain. These are the guys I can count on when I need it.” Everything felt slow with just 45 more minutes until the game no one was ready yet. Everyone was moving around, no one could sit still. This was the first time that everyone has been in this kind of position. My coach came in and asked for the captains. Our captain looked around and picked me to go with him. With chills going down my neck I slowing walked out with him. On the field I can see so many lights shining, the ice cold air. Walking to the middle of the field my captain asked me to call the toss. I told him no but he told me he was too nervous to do it. Slowly walking towards the middle of the field we saw the other team’s captains. They were huge way bigger than me. The first strategy of football is to send your biggest guys to scare the other team. Well they did it to perfection to six foot guys that looks…show more content…
We march onto the field and took our positons to stop the other team. Boom the kick was off I ran as fast as I can and hit the guy with the ball. Okay I said to myself I got the first tackle now the real game has started no time to think about anything else but the game. Surprising we were doing a good job stopping them from moving the ball. The next thing I remember we had the ball. On offense I was lined up against one of the giants from their team. Wow I was scared but once we hit, I notice he was not all that good. Now drive my own self-motivation I began to play like the me I know. As everything was going good I can feel the whole mood of the game change. We were holding our ground with a team that should be beating us. Every moment of the game felt like a dream but the pain was
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