Ray Rice As Role Models In The NFL

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Becoming a professional football player is always on a toddler’s bucket list, especially if the kid loves sports. During my childhood, I always looked up to Ray Rice because he is one of the best running backs in the NFL. Going to the Ravens’ home game let me experience the exciting atmosphere of a NFL game. My seat looked down at about the fifty yard line, so I had great seats. A rush of adrenaline hit me when they announced Ray Rice’s name on the speaker. However, days later I read a story on Ray Rice beating up his girlfriend in an elevator. This truly changed my perception of him. NFL players are well known as role models for kids, their actions on and off the field affect more then just themselves. Millions of kids watch NFL games. They also follow them outside of playing football. NFL players should remember that children hold these players to a higher standard. For instance, “Janay Rice sat next to her husband during the press conference, though simple assault charges against her were eventually dropped. Footage from the night showed Rice dragging his wife's unconscious body from an elevator” (Craggs). Ray Rice is a popular player in the NFL, with millions of fans. Hearing the news, I found it to be extremely disappointing. Ray Rice had too much to drink that night, and in the elevator he punched his wife, Janay, in the face multiple times and knocked her out. The NFL fined Ray Rice millions of dollars, he lost his job and endorsements. Other than losing money, he lost his fan base, including kids who looked up to him as an amazing running back. Safety is a major key to keeping players on the field instead of the sideline. If a player doesn't wear a mouthguard or buckle his chin strap, it sacrifices the player’s safety. Let's say a famous quarterback doesn't take the necessary safety precautions. For instance, Tom Brady, does not wear a mouthguard. Wearing a mouthguard is not required by the NFL.However, as a hero quarterback, Tom has so much influence, wearing a mouth guard could dramatically change how kids view the importance of mouthguards. On the other hand, Tom not wearing a mouthguard, may give the impression that mouthguards are not necessary. An ESPN analyst, Mr. Easterbrook stated “
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