Ray Rice Essay

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Zackery Everhart Everhart 1 Professor Kent Quaney English 99 22 October 2014
As everyone who has access to a television or the Internet knows, a lot of the major headlines today are dealing with the domestic violence problem in the National Football League. In the article written by Thomas Barrabi in the International Business Times, “NFL’s History of Domestic Violence Extends Beyond Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson Abuse Cases”, it addresses the discrepancies the NFL has displayed throughout the years when it comes to disciplining the players involved in domestic violence disputes. This article takes a look at the NFL’s position on the crime of domestic violence throughout the years and today and also what they have done
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Although the NFL is trying to change their involvement on domestic violence issues, it is unclear at this time if they will follow through. The NFL and Goodell continue to be under media scrutiny, especially since swift and proper action against Rice did not happen until after the footage was released. They have changed their policy to a six game suspension for a first offense, although offense is not defined and is open for interpretation in the policy. There are still football players who continue to play despite legal action against them in domestic violence disputes. The article continues with pointing out the fact that the NFL cannot altogether end the problem of domestic violence in the world today, but it can use the recent media attention to bring awareness to the problem. Although the ways in which the NFL handled these cases previously are questionable at best, there is potential to recover from previous mistakes by continuing to hold their athletes accountable and providing awareness on the subject. Overall, this article did an extremely good job of pointing out the discrepancies of how the NFL has handled domestic violence cases throughout the years. It was organized well in
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