Ray Shultz's Spring Awakening

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On Thursday, October 19th, Ray Shultz, Professor of theater arts, and the theatre company, presented a lecture/demonstration on the soon to be staged musical Spring Awakening. Several members of the company as well as Professor Shultz spoke about the musical and gave the audience some of the background informations, as well as enacted three excerpts of the production. The musical, Shultz explains, was written in the Spring of 1890, and although at the beginning was considered scandalous, it is now considered a classic of dramatic literature, as it has influenced and anticipated a lot of other dramatic forms. It is a very influential play even though not well known to mainstream audiences. At the time of its creation it was very reviled and controversial, and because of that it was not given a sage until 1906 in Berlin. After than, the production was banned in many places until 1974, when in England the…show more content…
That rebellion against the older generation gained much more favor in english speaking audiences during the 1960’s and 70’s, when women fought for the right of contraception, which made the play relevant to that time. A recurring theme throughout the play is the children questioning why the adults were not made aware of these topics. In the play the adults play a form of willful ignorance. Although the play portrays the voices of children of the 19th century of Berlin, they sing in a style that could be applied to 21st century American teenagers. The children from the beginning of the play sense this ignorance and cry out for
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