Raymond Blanc and Modern French Cuisine

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Raymond Blanc, OBE is a French born chef who has made his career in the United Kingdom and has revolutionised modern French cuisine. Blanc was born on 19 November 1949 in Besançon, a city in Eastern France, making him now 64 years old. He began cooking when his father gave him a colander and a vegetable foraging guide for his 10th birthday and whatever he could manage to find in their garden and surroundings, his mother – the inspirational “Maman Blanc” would teach him to cook. His mother believed in cooking healthy, local, fresh produce which was “full of goodness and love” and this inspired both Raymond and his two sisters to follow with this trend. Blanc is completely self-taught and has never received official**l culinary training in any form.
During Blanc’s first job in a restaurant, he criticised the head chef for his lazy cooking and thus had a pan thrown at him which broke his nose and jaw – he also got fired for this. In the year 1972, Blanc came to England and worked as a waiter at the Oxfordshire restaurant, Rose Revived. On one fortunate day when the head chef was ill, he entered the kitchen to assist with service and since then it has been a rollercoaster of culinary expertise, phenomenal classic French cuisine and the beginning of Les Quat'Saisons, Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons and the Le Petit Blanc Brasserie franchise.

Les Quat'Saisons and La Maison Blanc
Blanc’s first owned restaurant was Les Quat'Saisons. He bought this restaurant with his wife (now

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