Raymond Carver Cathedral Essay

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Reasoning Behind the Unfamiliar In Raymond Carver’s story “Cathedral” there are many signs of prejudice, jealousy, misunderstandings and eventually what may appear to possibly be a development of friendship. There is a fair amount of preconceived judgment made by the narrator in regards to an old friend coming to visit his wife. At the beginning of the story the narrator refers to the old friend as “the blind man” (Carver 455) and makes it clear that he “wasn’t enthusiastic about his visit.” (456) Although, the narrator embarks into unknown territory while preparing for the visit and while engaging with a blind man during his stay, he finds himself seeing the world in a new light. The narrator, whom is eventually referred to as Bub…show more content…
The narrator’s wife writes a poem about how “the blind man touch[es] her nose and lips” (456). The narrator shows resentment by acknowledging that he “didn’t think much of the poem” (456). The fact that the narrator’s wife writes a poem about the blind man physically touching her in an intimate way seems to upset him. He does not seem to press the issue with his wife since it was before meeting her, however it does seem to add to the list of reasons as to why the narrator may not like the idea of the visit to come. Although, the narrator struggles with the misunderstandings behind his wife’s and the blind man’s relationship it becomes apparent that Robert was in fact married. The narrator is proven to have jealous thoughts and a biased opinion of what blind people are like, but he realizes that Robert was now widowed and has lost a woman that “never [saw] herself as she was seen in the eyes of her loved one” (Carver 458). Robert was the “husband [that] could never read the expression on her face, be it misery or something better” (458). These revelations are just a few that possibly help the narrator start to feel some comfort behind the upcoming visit.
In addition the narrator has a few prejudice thoughts about the blind man prior to his arrival, but they appear to change as the story evolves. The narrator is not afraid in voicing his
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