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Raymond Chandler's Writing Style in The Big Sleep

Unique writing style is definitely an essential element in any piece of writing, and Raymond Chandler uses his style efficiently in The Big Sleep. Chandler's style is one that seems to come easily to him and it also seems very natural to the reader, perhaps because there is not a lot of high, eloquent language. Rich in description and dialogue, the characters seem more realistic to the reader as a result of such details and natural speech. Chandler includes many descriptive words, similes, metaphors; yet they are not complicated or ambiguous which may lead to misinterpretations. He also tends to focus on a few major aspects of the characters, repeating those
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The impression the reader gathers about Carmen from the first conversation she has with Marlowe and the description is that she is immature and very childlike. Contrary to the description of Carmen, Marlowe's description of Mrs. Regan's is one which allows the reader to see she is a more sophisticated and intelligent woman

Marlowe meets Mrs. Regan and immediately notices her legs which he believes she intentionally positioned for him to stare at. He goes into great detail saying, "The knees were dimpled, not bony and sharp. The calves were beautiful, the ankles long and slim and with enough melodic line for a tone poem" (17). Chandler allows Marlowe to quickly notice such things and as a result, the reader feels that the description given is accurate as well as engaging. Upon completion of his conversation with Mrs. Regan, Marlowe leaves the house still thinking, "She had lovely legs. I would say that for her" (21). Although describing her legs does not seem like an incredibly important part of the plot, it shows how manipulative Mrs. Regan really is. Marlowe knew from when he first saw Mrs. Regan she was trouble and it is obvious he was right since he left the house distracted by her and still thinking about her legs. By describing Mrs. Regan in this way, Chandler successfully contrasts Mrs. Regan and Carmen. The aspects which Marlowe focuses on allow the reader to note Marlowe's impressions
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