Raymond's Run Squeaky Character Analysis

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In the story Raymond’s Run, a girl nicknamed Squeaky talks about people in her life. Within this story, she talks about how she loves her brother for who he really is, but strongly dislikes people who are not honest about who they are. Squeaky knows what is truly important in life, which is being true to yourself. She does not care for what people think of her when she works hard to practice running. Squeaky also accepts her brother, Raymond, for who he is. One of her classmates, Cynthia Procter, works hard to accomplish tasks, but unlike Squeaky, she does not let people know that she is a determined worker. Squeaky is true to herself, and she should be. Squeaky is a very fast runner, and that is because she practices very often. She…show more content…
She also is not afraid to protect her brother, Raymond. Squeaky’s older brother, Raymond, has down syndrome. Despite him having this condition, Squeaky still loves him for who he really is, and is not terrified of people knowing that he is her brother. Squeaky is even confident enough to take him out on her runs. In fact, when she practices, she would even let him imagine that “...he’s driving a stagecoach which is OK by me so long as he doesn’t run me over or interrupt my breathing exercises...” She loves Raymond and has accepted his true self. However, not everyone likes to show off or admit what they really do in their free time. One of Squeaky’s classmates, Cynthia Procter, works really hard to acquire skills and knowledge. However, she does not let others know that she practices to obtain these skills. When Squeaky jogs past her house, she states that hears Cynthia “practicing the scales on the piano…” However, when Cynthia arrives to music class, Squeaky claims that she “always lets herself get bumped around...she decides just for fun to try out the ole keys. And what do you know- Chopin’s waltzes just spring out of her fingertips and she’s the most surprised thing in the world.” Cynthia pretends that she has never practiced the skill in her life, when really, she practices often. Cynthia is not showing the world what she actually does in her free time , so she

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