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Raynaud's Disease Few people are aware of Raynaud's disease even though it is a fairly common condition. Raynaulds Disease is also referred to as Raynauld’s phenonmenon. Raynaud's is a condition in which cold temperatures or stress cause blood vessel spasms that block blood flow to fingers, toes, nose, and ears. This causes these body parts to suddenly turn ice cold and to become a purple or blue color. Later when the blood flow becomes normal the area turns a reddish color and later returns to normal. There are two types of Raynaud's Disease, primary Raynaud's disease and secondary Raynaud's disease. Primary Raynaud's is when a person has no other cause or condition. Secondary Raynaud's is when there is another condition that…show more content…
People with Raynaud's may not know that they actually have it. Raynaud's phenomenon has been seen with a lot of conditions. These conditions include rheumatic diseases such as sclerrodero and rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Hormone imbalance trauma, like Frostbite and the use of vibrating tools (like a jack hammer) can provoke Raynads. Some medications such as estrogens, cancer treatments and nicotine can cause Raynauds to onset. Here are some signs and tests to see if you have Raynaud's or another disease. The doctor will perform a physical exam, vascular ultrasound, and a cold simulation test. Different blood tests can also be done but there is no specific blood test that confirms Raynauds. The blood testing is done to diagnose other conditions typically associated with Raynaulds. 3 There are lifestyle changes that may help people with Raynaud's disease. Smoking makes Raynauds worse. If someone has Raynauds they should not smoke or use nicotine in any way. If the person is taking medications that cause the blood vessels to spasm or tighten they should take a different medication, if there is one available. Stop smoking, avoid caffeine, avoid medications (if not life threatening) that can cause tightening or spasms of the blood vessels, avoid the cold in any way, and always wear shoes and socks outside in cold weather. Patients with persistent or bothersome

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