Rayvon G Case Study

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Progress Review- Rayvon Bush Please list outcomes of any/all drug screens. Please include the date, type, results, and substance (if applicable) Not applicable Progress in treatment: (please choose either moderate-significant-slight improvement, or moderate-significant-slight deterioration, or no change) ISSUE PROGRESS Emotional Regulation Slight Improvement. Client able to express himself and his feelings to be able to understand the reason behind his aggression. Family Functioning No change. Client is currently spending the summer outside of his guardian’s house. Please include any/all changes or updates in diagnosis: Current diagnosis: AXIS I: 314.9 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder NOS AXIS II: No changes AXIS III: No changes AXIS IV: Primary Support Group GAF: No changes Please list any/all medications: (please include dose amount, frequency, prescribing physician, and target symptom) Current meds include: Prozac 15 mg- 1 tablet Abilify 15 mg- 1 tablet Have other medications been tried and discontinued since last review? If yes, please list medications and response to them. No. Is the client in danger to himself or herself or someone else due to mental illness or…show more content…
MT has build rapport with the client to help him with stress management strategies and coping skills. The client is currently staying with another family member for the summer and through this change of environment has allow the client to accept the treatment and work on bettering himself as the client has had no behavior incident since being discharge from Dover Behavioral Health to his other family member house. The client’s MT will continue to provide the client resources to help him control his emotion and express himself to others, which would provide help when he moves back with his guardian. In addition, the MT will assist the client’s guardian in improving communication with
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