Raza Aslan is Defending his Faith in the Book, No God but God

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He claimed that this book is a debate for rectify and wrap up with a cautionary that, "like the reformations of the past, this may be a terrific event, one that has already begun to engulf the world".
Truly this book is meant for the west. Its main goal was to satisfy western beliefs who have grasped the "clash of civilizations" thesis. Aslan who regarded the United States occupation of Iraq as “liberation", provided a much additional implication and cultivated read of Islam than the additional dictatorial Islamists representing Shia or Sunni dogma. He’s a real moderate, and if western aristocracies are in search of an additional easy Islam, these books are far more useful than the bearded moderates showed off on TV after every new atrocity.
Aslan's explanation of early Islam is simply too literalist. The image bestowed is that of a perfect Prophet and principally undeserving heir. Some decades after Muhammad's death the wars of succession led to the beginning of the Shia that asserted on treating Muhammad as more a simple messenger and urged that his family equipped the caliphs, i.e. his in-law Ali and his heirs. Ali was, doubtless, a…

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