Razorfish Case

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1. Describe the overarching strategy and the environmental conditions that made Razorfish grow so rapidly. How do you know the strategy you describe is the one Razorfish is pursuing (site evidence from the case AND describe the core competencies that Razorfish employs to support the overall strategy)? (400 word limit)

The overarching strategy that Razorfish used is acquisitions. Based on the book “In 1996, Omnicom invested in Razorfish with $3.5 million in cash” (P556). This acquisition helped for Razorfish’s working capital and enable to acquire new media companies. Razorfish 's began the rapid series of acquisitions thereafter. “The initial acquisitions were primarily to expand
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Razorfish achieved both points. Not only to keep their employees has passion with their job, but also keep the company at the top level, Razorfish have infused new blood into the company. Razorfish cultivated young workers with the cutting-edge technology and design skills. Their success of attracted early clients from small high-tech companies to Fortune 500 firms. They spend a lot development for the firm and educated their customers.
The outcome for Razorfish is predictable. The risk of moving first happened that they didn’t have the knowledge to hold its position against fast followers. So many information technology companies appeared at the late 90’s along with the computer spread fast in each family. If I was in the team, I would suggest to register for Razorfish’s cutting-edge technology so no other companies can copy that in the future. The information technology consulting is knowledge-intensive industry, These assets are difficult to value and protect. While the company was growing at the beginning, they should focus more on the development inside the firm.

4. Imagine you are working on the top management team of Razorfish and Jeff Dachis (CEO) tells you that he is committed to keeping Razorfish open as an independent operation (no acquisition) and he wants you to come up with a five year strategic plan. Provide your plan below. Why do you think this is
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